Welcome to Kid Expression by BAC Web Design

This template features a standard web layout: a fixed-width 2-column page with header and footer. The layout is valid XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS and uses no tables.

The image in the header measures 760 pixels by 250 pixels and can easily be replaced to any image you like. Simply make your image the same width and save it to the IMAGES folder in this template, naming it "header.jpg". There are also CSS classes for aligning text paragraphs and images. The "teacher" image in the text area is set up to show "left" and "right" images and how text can wrap around them with CSS.

The menu bar

The main navigation menu is a bulleted list, where each list item has been styled to be a button. The simple "hover" effect is done with CSS. You can easily edit it to reflect whatever colors you choose for your site.

Good luck with your new website!