Rename pages
Go to Navigation View. Right-click on a page and select Rename to change the page title. You may also rename the file name by right-clicking the page in your Folder List or Folder View.

Delete pages
In your Folder List, right-click on the page and select Delete.

Add a new page by copying an existing page
If you have inserted a logo, your company name, or made other formatting pages that you'd like to preserve, simply File > Save As your page under a different name:

1. Open your existing page that you wish to copy.
2. Go to File > Save As.
3. Type in your new file name. Click the "Change..." button to change the Page Title.
4. Click OK.
5. Go to Navigation View. (View > Navigation)
6. Open your Folder List if it is not already opened. (View > Folder List)
7. Select your new page from the Folder List and drag the page into your navigation structure.
8. Double click the page to go back to Page View.

Updating the copyright and other "non-editable" regions on the site
To make changes to the copyright tag line you will need to edit the two versions of the Dynamic Web Template (DWT) that is included with this web template. Simply open the DWT's, found in the "redandblack90_dwt" folder, make your changes and click YES when FrontPage 2003 asks you if you want to update the pages "attached" to the template.

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