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How to Convert a FrontPage DWT to Dreamweaver

Support > How to Convert a FrontPage DWT to Dreamweaver

Converting a FrontPage DWT to a Dreamweaver DWT is quite easy, especially if your DWT is already DWT-Compliant (and any FrontPage 2003 Dynamic Web Template you buy at BAC Web Design IS DWT-Compliant).

  1. Start with a FrontPage DWT Package folder. This could be labeled "DWT" or "_DWT". You'll need all files located in there.
  2. Create a folder called "Templates." Drag/drop all the .dwt files into the Templates folder in Dreamweaver.
  3. If you made this change within a FrontPage web, the links should be automatically updated. Otherwise, you may use a text editor to run Find/Replace commands on all the .dwt files.
    • Style sheet reference: If your template uses stylesheets, change the reference in all the .dwts. For example, find href="styles.css" and replace it with href="../styles.css".
    • Graphics references: Change the reference for all the graphics used in the .dwts. For example, find img src="graphics/..." and replace it with img src="../graphics/..."
    • Other references: Do similar things for any Flash/Swish animation references, Javascripts, etc.
  4. Now, you'll need to go through and delete all the FrontPage webbot components and replace with normal HTML comments.
    • Page banner: If your template uses a FrontPage-generated page banner, delete the code and replace with normal text or graphics.
    • Link bars: If your template uses FrontPage link bars, delete the code and replace with normal text, graphics, or an HTML comment.
    • Comments: If your template uses FrontPage comments, replace the webbot code with a normal HTML comment.
  5. That's it! Now all you have to do is to create the readme file according to specs, create any sample or starter pages that you wish to include, and zip it up!